Why is it so much cheaper in Croatia?

A major reason for the huge price difference is because Dental Clinic Arena has its own laboratory , where we make the necessary prostheses. We do not work with a middleperson, so the treatment can be done much faster and cheaper.

Also, the prices of hourly wages, personnel, property and starting a practice are much lower.

The difference of price is not in the quality of the treatments or our used materials. We use high quality materials and provide a lifetime warranty on all implants and several years on crowns, bridges and prostheses.

Send us a X-ray or CT-scan if you want a free price offer!

Preferably you make a complete X-rays or CT-scan at your local dentist or radiologist.

For a crown or bridge treatment is an X-ray needed.

For an implant treatment is a CT-scan needed, to see if the jawbone is thick/strong enougf. For a CT-scan you need to go to the hospital.

When you have a x-ray or CT-scan please send in an email to Our dentists and surgeons study the X-ray or CT-scan and set a price quotation. They may then also determine the duration of the treatment.

This quotation will be rapidly sent to you and then you can decide whether you perform the treatment with us.

If you decide to have the treatment in our clinic then you can stay FOR FREE in one of our modern apartments or hotel.

Cash payments will receive a 10% discount.

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Make an appointment, ask us for information or a free quote.

It's preferable if you add a recent X-ray or 3D CT-scan of your teeth, so our dentists can study this and give you a detailed proposal.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, bmp, jpeg.


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