Dental procedures in Croatia are up to 70% cheaper than in most other European countries.

We offer very competitive prices. These prices are all-inclusive! There are no extra charges for anesthesia, x-ray, hourly rates, etc.

First checkup with x-ray, treatment plan and quotation0 Euro
Implants:Price-10% discount
ADIN implant + lifetime warranty600 Euro540 Euro
ADIN Abutment207 Euro186 Euro
Nobel Biocare Implant + Lifetime Warranty700 Euro630 Euro
Nobel Biocare Abutment267 Euro240 Euro

A crown is placed on the implant. This crown may consist of different materials.

Crowns:Price-10% discount
Metal-ceramic crowns (CAD/CAM)220 Euro200 Euro
Full ceramic crowns267 Euro240 Euro
Full ceramic crowns-zirconium (CAD/CAM)320 Euro288 Euro
Porcelain veneers300 Euro270 Euro

When placing a bridge, the number of crowns will be charged.


Bridges:Price-10% discount
3-piece metal-ceramic bridge660 Euro594 Euro
4-piece metal-ceramic bridge880 Euro792 Euro
Treatment:Price-10% discount
Sinus lift700 Euro630 Euro
Bone transplant934 Euro840 Euro
Big installation of artificial bone667 Euro600 Euro
Small installation of artificial bone334 Euro300 Euro
Teeth whitening200 Euro180 Euro
Gum graft surgery334 Euro300 Euro
Gum graft surgery + artificial bone667 Euro600 Euro

The 10% discount will be charged when payment is in cash.

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