A beautiful and bright smile is the key to a young and beautiful appearance. Both in business and in private life healthy and white teeth play an important role.

Smile Design

“Smile Design” is a modern term used in dentistry. The beauty of the patient is converted by a series of dental procedures that change the color, the position and shape of the teeth

Hollywood Smile

“Hollywood Smile” is the smile of famous stars, actors and VIP’s that are recognized worldwide by a perfect smile and white teeth.

For a Hollywood smile everything must be just

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the best solution and the most popular method for white teeth.

Daily consumption of coffee and soft drinks can cause dark spots on your teeth and have a bad effect on the health of your teeth, especially cigarette smoking.

Teeth are becoming yellow, full of dental calculus and plaque, so more bacteria that are harmful to the body are found in your mouth.

Tooth jewelry

Especially among young people tooth jewelry is very popular. It gives you a special smile.

Dental jewelry can be a real diamond or zirconia.

Placing zircon in the tooth is completely painless, fast and easy. Zircons exist in a variety of colors, it is glued on, and the tooth is in no way damaged; it is not grinded. Discreet shine and beauty of the zircon will attract everyone who sees your smile

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