Save up to 70% on dental treatments like implants and crowns.

Hier begint uw reis naar een nieuwe glimlach.

Het geld dat u uitspaart kunt u besteden aan een mooie vakantie in Kroatië.

Why choose for Mooie Glimlach?

The quality

Highest dental and hygiene standards: the exclusive use of the most professional, safe, tested materials and the most modern equipment and technologies. We have ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate.

Mark before treatment

Mark after treatment

The prices of the treatment

Depending on the nature of the treatment, most dental procedures can be up to 70% cheaper than in Western European countries.

A fixed prosthetics with metal ceramic crowns was done to the patient’s upper and lower jaw achieving a perfect bite (occlusion).
Price Clinic ARENA: 4.190€
Price in the UK: 10.500€

Saved 60%

The education

Dentists in Croatia have a university master degree as in the rest of Europe.

Dentists offer a high quality of service, which is comparable to other European and American dentists.

Free accomodation in one of our modern appartments or a 3* hotel

Croatia is a popular tourist destination, but also one of the most popular destinations for dental treatments.

Why not go on a city-trip or summer holiday and come home with a beautiful new smile?


In our clinic, we focus on the quality of our services and the used materials. We have a SGS certificate that confirms that all our services in the field of periodontics, implant dentistry, prosthetics, orthodontics and oral surgery completely conform to the ISO 9001: 2008 and that we work to the highest international standards.

Guarantees provide added value to our services and prosthetic implants:

Quality, low prices and beautiful attractions are reasons why you are visiting Croatia.

In our clinic are no long waiting times and you are not sent from pillar to post. All treatments will take place under one roof.

Instead of a long-term treatment, which probably cost you a fortune, you can go on vacation (in good company) and be treated with quality care.
You can treat and restore your teeth at much lower prices.

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